Guarantees for your peace of mind…

Newhaven Homes understands that while building a new home is a very exciting time, there are also concerns relating to one of life’s biggest investments…

At the end of construction, the Owner will make a final inspection of the home with the Builder prior to taking occupation. Any agreed items requiring attention are then completed by the Builder.


At settlement, when the final progress payment is made, the Builder will hand over the keys, along with all the relevant warranties and instructions for electrical products installed in the home and any other relevant warranty and contact information that you as the new Owner should be aware of.


It is not unusual for minor defects to arise in new homes. These can be due to settlement, normal wear and tear, or lack of maintenance. Your newly completed home is covered by a Defects Liability Period for the first 12 months. At the end of this period, the builder is required to rectify and/or reinstate any items which may have become defective due to settlement.


Apart from the Defect Liability Period, there is also a statutory Structural Warranty of 7 years that covers the structural components of your home. In addition, the Builder has a Housing and Indemnity Insurance policy with the regulatory authority.

Do you have any questions relating to new home guarantees or warranties?