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The light that you choose to utilise in each room of your house plays a large part in the ambience and feel of the room. That is why it is so important to choose the perfect lighting for each room when building your custom home. There are many different light options and every room needs its own unique feel and tone. Here’s a few tips on creating the right feel in each room of your new home with lighting.


The first thing you see when you come home, and the first place your visitors go within your house, the entryway sets the stage and the feeling for the rest of the house. Because of this, it is a great idea to utilise warm-toned lights and down lights. The warmed tone lights will create a welcoming feel. Down lights are an excellent feature for your home entrance as they give a luxurious feel to the space. Did you know that downlights are also generally very energy efficient too? If you wish to draw attention to pictures or art on the walls of your entrance way, accent lighting is a great option. Accent lighting draws your eyes to the light and therefore to the image or object that is being lit. If choosing accent lighting for your new home build, it is best to ensure that the accent light is three times brighter than the rooms general lighting.

Living area

How you light your living room is entirely dependent on how you live in it. For example, if you intend to spend time lounging and chatting with friends and family, warm lights that illuminate the entire room while creating a cosy feel are ideal. If you’re intending to spend a lot of time simply watching television, downlights are a great option as lighting is not too important for these activities.


The kitchen lighting is extremely important. Not only is it essential to have task lighting that allows you to see clearly while cooking and preparing food. Downlights and undercabinet lights are a great lighting option for the kitchen. Pendant lights over the kitchen counter is also a great idea. These lights allow the counter to be clearly lit for if you are cooking, cutting, or even just chatting and having drinks with friends around the counter.


Bedroom lights should be warm, creating a sense of cosy and not causing too much strain on your eyes as you wind down before bed. Lamps are great to have by the bedside to minimise the amount of light in the room as you settle in to sleep.


Accent lighting above mirrors in the bathroom allows for you to clearly see your reflection as you get ready for your day or night. Cool ambient lighting in the bathroom is an excellent option as it clearly illuminates the whole room.

Stamp Duty Explained

There can be a number of costs involved in building your new home, fees for solicitors and conveyancing, mortgage insurance etc. Stamp duty, however, is one of the biggest costs you will have to pay in the process of building your new home. But what is stamp duty and why do you have to pay it?


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