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It is no secret that neutral tones are the general choice when it comes to painting the home, and for good reason too. Neutral colours allow you to add colour into the home through decor which you can change and move to suit your style as it evolves. Paint however does not always have to be neutral and it is becoming more and more common for interior designers to choose paint colours that stray from the norm. While neutral colours will always be in fashion, adding some colour to your new homes walls is an excellent style statement that, when done right, can look stunning. It is important however, to choose colours that will not go out of style within a few short years. The key is to pick timeless colours that will suit your home, taste and trends for many years to come. Here are a few colour tips to help you choose your pops of colour after building your new custom home.

Jewel tones

Jewel tones are colours like emerald green and navy blue. These colours are excellent at creating a warm and cosy feel to any space. They also never fail to bring an air of luxury into a room. If you choose to paint using jewel tones, be sure to use lighter tones in furniture al flooring to contrast the rich colour and bring some brightness into the space.

Earthy tones

A style trend set to continue is connecting the home with the environment. Typically, this is done by incorporating house plants and flowers throughout the home. More recently though people are turning to an earthy tone colour pallet to further bring the outdoors in. Earthy reds and oranges as well as mossy greens paired with rustic wooden furnishing and decor creates a beautiful earthy space. If choosing to use an earthy toned paint for a feature wall, be sure to choose neutral toned furniture.


Pastel shades are excellent to create depth to a room. They are also great for creating a sense of calm in your new custom home. When paired with metallic features like gold or bronze, pastel shades bring a strong feeling of luxury and warmth.

Greys and Neutrals

The timeless classics that will forever be in style, neutrals and greys, are excellent paint hades to incorporate into your new home. Neutrals do not have to be boring. You can add a grey feature wall to create a cosy yet cool feel and when contrasted with warm toned furniture and drapes, enhances the feeling of warmth.


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