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There are a few things to consider when building a home, especially if it is your first. Building a home is an exciting time in our lives and we have some things to consider ensuring that you remember it that way and avoid stress and making any mistakes. Here’s are some tips from the best new home builders in Sunshine Coast:

Set a budget

It is so important to set a budget when buying your first home. It can be easy to be swept away by properties out of your price range or get caught with hidden fees. Be clear on how much you want to spend with yourself, your real estate agent and your builder.

Research your finance options

There are many different credit providers all claiming to have the very best home loan at a competitive rate for you. It is worth speaking to a professional financial advisor and doing your research to ensure that you actually do get the best home loan for you and your budget.

Size of the lot

The size lot you need is very dependent on you and your lifestyle. If you have or plan to have children or pets, if you want many bedrooms, a large garden, a pool, or a smaller home the size lot you will be looking for will be different. Remember, the more expensive the lot, the less you have to spend on your home.

Energy Efficiency

The choices you make when building your home can save you thousands over the years in electricity and gas bills. Look into ways to make your home more energy efficient. You can choose energy efficient light fixtures, double glazed glass, insulation and solar panels.

Stay tuned next month for another blog about things to consider when building your first home.

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