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When building a home with kids or with the idea of a family in mind, it is important to consider how to make your house a space that is both child friendly and can grow with your family. We have a few tips that can help you achieve this. Open plan living areas and kitchen is a great idea for families with children. Open plan gives the kids lots of room to play and gives you the ability to supervise them from many points of the home.

It is important for the safety of your children that you take care when choosing fixtures and fittings for your home. Non slip tiles are a must in any family bathroom to avoid any falls during bath time. It is a good idea to install bench tops, sinks and vanities that are safe edged as well. And why not have a bathtub? They are great for the kids and adults alike and they make a fabulous bathroom feature.

Furniture in child friendly home should be extremely durable and easily cleaned. Choose furniture that can be washed and wiped as well as hard wearing bench tops and floors.

Think about incorporating a playroom that can later be refurbished as a media room or even an extra bedroom for guests when the kids get older.

Outdoor space is a must. Kids have boundless energy and need an outlet to release this. Running amuck in the backyard is a much better idea than them running amuck inside. Make sure that your outdoor space is kid friendly by ensuring there is plenty of grass. It is also a great idea to have a shaded area where younger ones can play away from the sun’s rays and where you and friends can relax and watch the kids in comfort.

Custom Homes Sunshine Coast – Child Friendly House Design